Welcome to SevenSeasByMe!  I’d like to share unique travel experiences that have shaped my thoughts and outlook on the world.  Exploring new cultures through a local filter, meeting citizens around the globe, tasting delicious cuisine from East to West, immersing myself in the outdoors and enjoying spontaneous moments of discovery are the main drivers of my passion and addiction to adventure.  I encourage each person to take a step outside his norm and discover in awe what lies just past your boundaries of existence…trust me, you will grow and learn along the way.  A few of my friends have encouraged me to share my experiences, so here I am, taking a step into uncharted territory and out of my comfort zone.  I’m by no means a travel guide, but I’m happy to give tips based on my experiences.  Bon Voyage!  Sonia

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle